RIP Full Form: What is the Full Form of RIP

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If you use social media, then the word R.I.P must have been seen or heard somewhere. Because often people use this word only on social sites like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, etc.

Today in this post, we will learn about this same word in detail, so if you also want to know RIP Meaning (RIP Meaning ), RIP full form, RIP means, then this post must be read completed carefully.

First of all, let me tell you that R.I.P is a short form, it has a long and short form both, through which it is found out what the meaning of this word is.

Therefore, to understand well, firstly we will know the full form of R.I.P i.e. R.I.P full form and after that, we will know what the meaning of R.I.P means R.I.P meaning in English. So without wasting time, let us know about it.

R I P Full Form In English (Full Form of R.I.P)

R.I.P has a full form Rest in Peace. If you use the internet and are connected to social media, then you must be aware that new words always arise on social media, and the trend of new things keeps going on.

The first choice of every internet user is social media like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram, etc.

People use short-form very much in social media, for example, they write Gm on a good morning, Gn on a good night, Gd ni8, and bro in Brother. There are two reasons behind using short form, one saves time and the other becomes fashion or style.

The short form of some words becomes so popular that use is gradually being used outside of social media i.e. even in everyday life in a simple manner, as brother writes bro in short, now on social media.


The word is so popular that people use it in simple language even in this way – Hey bro what’s us, how are you, bro, what’s up bro.

Similarly, on social media itself, a new word “R I P” has been generated by the people, which is a short form and its full form is as follows-

R – Rest
I – In
P – Peace

Namely, R.I.P – Rest In Peace

So this was the full form of the word RIP. Wherever people have to say or write “Rest in Peace” especially on social media, people do not write such long words, they simply write R.I.P in short form.

This happened in its full form, we did not know what the meaning of R.I.P. (Meaning Of R.I.P) is, why and when people write or speak R.I.P., what do they express by writing R.I.P i.e. Rest In Peace? So let’s now know about this as well.

R.I.P Meaning In English (English Meaning of R.I.P)

If you have noticed, then you must have found that the word “RIP” on social media is written in the same post which is about the death of a person, or the post which contains information about the death of a person.

In the post that contains information about the person’s death, everyone also writes RIP in the comment of that post. So one thing is clear from all these things that this word is used in a post related to one’s death, tweet, or talk. Now let me tell you its meaning-

RIP (Rest In Peace) means peace of soul, that is, when we have to express condolences on the death of a person and say that God gives peace to his (dying) soul, then in English we will ” Rest in Peace ”which means that his soul may rest in peace.

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When someone dies, we wish on his death that his soul is at peace and speak the same thing, but if you want to speak in English, if you want to speak in English, then you say “Rest in Peace” ie RIP.

If you try to translate Rest in peace according to their wording, then it will not mean what I am telling you (peace be to the soul) but in the true sense, the meaning is what I have told you above.

R.I.P is a sensitive term used to express condolences on one’s death and to wish for the peace of one’s soul. If you use this word for a living person, then it will hurt the feelings of that person, he will feel bad.

How did the term R I P originate?

Now you must be thinking, after all, will there be any source from where this word originated? So the answer is yes. Let me tell you about it-

When someone dies in the Christian religion or in English, he is buried and written on his grave, “Rest in Peace” and this word has been introduced from here.

Because English is slowly becoming very popular and English is being spoken by many people, so rest in peace has also been made quite popular by all of us. And now this word is also used by those who speak or write Hindi.

Social media has a big contribution behind the origin of this word and it’s becoming so popular because it is still used on social media even after it has become a popular word.

What did you teach In this post you saw what is the meaning of RIP, what is the full form of RIP and also you know how the RIP word originated and how? It is so popular.

In the end, I would like to tell you that if you liked this post with R.I.P meaning and its full form in English, then share it on social media so that more people can know it.

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