ATM Full Form : What is the full form of ATM

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Hello friends, once again all of you are very welcome, and today by this post we will discuss with you the ATM Full Form. Friends, in all our time, we will be using ATM more often. As you know, ATM is a system that allows us to withdraw our bank account money But do you know what is the full form of ATM?

The answer to this question is not available to many people. It is a very interesting thing that people are still aware that the ATM is full form any time money, its answer is also wrong.

So you too If you want to know the complete information about ATM, then read this post completely. In this post, I will tell you what is the full form of ATM? Also, all the information related to ATM will be shared with you.

What else is an ATM known as?

What is the full form of ATM

In such an India, ATM is called ATM. But there are some countries in the world that know ATM machine of name by any other name. In such Canada, people know ATM as ABM i.e. Automatic Banking Machine.

And more than ever, ATM machines in the country know ATM machines by the name of cash point/point of cash/cash machine / mini bank.

When and how did ATM start?

Moute Maur, London, and New York are the first to find mention of it being used. In the 1960s it was known as Bankograph. According to some claims, Citi Bank of New York was first commissioned in 1961 to serve customers in New York City. However, it was rejected by the customers.

For this reason, it was removed after six months. It was then used in 1966 in Tokyo, Japan. The first generation of modern ATMs was used by Barclay Bank in London on 27 June 1967.

By that time, few customers were able to get the benefit of its service. At that time, its services were used through credit cards instead of today’s ATM cards. Its first customers were comedy actor Reg Varney.

The credit for the invention of the machine used by England goes to John Sheppard and Donald Wetzel. Engineer de la Rue also has an important contribution to its development.

Current ATM machines are connected to the interbank network. These networks are known by the name POLSE, PLUS, etc.

What is the full form of an ATM?

Most of such people believe that we can withdraw money from ATM at any time, because of this people are sitting on the ATM’s FULL FORM any time money. But actually, the full form of ATM is Automated Teller Machine. Look at the form of words.

A- Automated
T- Teller
M – Machine

What else can the full form of ATM be?

In this way, if you are thinking that the full form of ATM is only Automated Teller Machine, then it is considered only in India. But in other countries, ATMs are known by different processes. Let’s know about the Full Form.

  • Air Traffic Management – This service is more widely used in pilot/co-pilot/flight attendant/cabin crew/traffic controller such as aviation terminologies like process.
  • Association of Teachers of Mathematics– This is a nonprofit Organization Registered Charity in the UK.
  • Angkatan Tentera Malaysia- Joh k is known as Armed Forces of Malaysia.

What is ATM? Consideration ATM?

ATM is an electronic telecommunications device, due to which money transactions such as depositing/depositing in another bank can do it all the way.

After the automated process of ATM machine i.e. the bank employees work has become a little easier. Why no bank workers are required for the transaction of ATM machines.

After ATM, the plastic card of ATM has been prepared for customers of a different bank. And in that ATM card, the facts of customers across the magnetic strip are encoded.

And this identification code is maintained through the central computer cross modem of the bank. Due to this process, after we put our ATM card in the ATM machine, your account data is read in it, after that we can withdraw money.

How many types of ATMs? Types of ATMs

We all use ATMs, but very few people know how many types of ATMs there are. I am going to tell you one by one about the type of ATM below.

  • Online Atm – There is a connection with the database of 24/7 banks in this atm. Therefore, the amount of money in our bank is not as much as it can be withdrawn from that atm machine from your atm card.
  • Offline ATM- In this type of ATM, the database connection of your bank account is not connected, that is why if you do not have funds in your bank account, you can still withdraw money, but for this, you will have to pay more money later. You have to pay more than the amount withdrawn.
  • On-Site ATM-Bank’s inside of that bank, which is also an ATM, is considered as On-Site Atm.
  • Off-Site ATM- Any bank if you put an ATM machine in any other bank outside the bank, is known as Off-Site Atm.
  • White Label ATM- Such ATM non-banking financial company mostly runs such ATM machines in rural areas. This is known as White Lable Atm.
  • Yellow Label ATM – Such ATM is mostly used for e-commerce transactions.
  • Orange Label ATM – This ATM is mostly used for Jad share transactions.
  • Pink Label ATM – This type of ATM is launched by some banks only for women.
  • Green Label ATM– This ATM is mostly used at the time of agricultural upgrade transactions.

What parts does an ATM contain?

The parts of such an ATM are to be seen, there are many types of parts atm. Some parts are inside the atm, from which we call the Input device and some parts are outside the ATM so that we can easily see the output device. It is said. Below we give complete information about the input and output ports of the ATM.


  • Card Reader – With this, it reads the data of your atm card. The magnetic stripe on the backside of our atm card is sent to the bank’s server for verification. After that take care of the bank account amount Allows withdrawal of funds according to the order of the user service.
  • Keypad – The keypad is the first thing we need. In which we press our atm and how much money is going to be made, as well as we press some wrong button, then cancel / clear / enter such keypad will give us the keypad Can do through.


  • Screen– Due to this, we can see the name/amount of such information from the complete information related to our account in the atm machine. Also, we can also withdraw the amount if you want by taking this screen. Our transactions We need a screen until it is complete.
  • Speaker- Most of the time you will see atm in the present time, the speaker remains in it. As we put our atm card in the atm machine for the transaction, then we are guided for the direction. By listening through the speaker.
  • Cash Dispenser – When we withdraw money from atm, then money comes out from this cash dispenser tray. It is considered to be a very important part of the machine of atm.
  • Receipt Printer – When we withdraw money from the atm machine and our transaction is successful, at the end we get a receipt so that we can see how much money we have transacted. But in this digital world, a lot of attention is given to the tree right now.

As you know, paper is made from the tree itself and paper is also used in the receipt of atm. Keeping this in mind, for all transactions on behalf of the bank, you have immediately conveyed a message.

If you do not need that much of a receipt, then you can select before that I don’t want the receipt. This will not give a receipt from atm after your transaction.

How does ATM work?

Atm mostly exists in two types of India. In some atm machines, a swipe atm card can read your card’s data only after that you can conduct a transaction.

And in some atm, catch your card inside the machine itself. Keep it until your transaction is not complete. And your magnetic card is installed in your atm card, because of that your card is read and know.

After that when you insert the atm card in the atm machine, then you pin Number/language/ac type/amount. You have to select such facts only after that your transaction is complete.

known and unknown things related to ATM

This is how we all use ATMs today, but there is some unknown information about ATMs that people don’t know much about. They know about some interesting things related to ATMs.

  • Who built the ATM – John Shepherd-Barron and Donald Wetzel.
  • Who was the first to put an ATM PIN NUMBER – John Shepherd-Barron was the first to put an ATM PIN number. And first, it was planned to have a 6 digit pin number but later they felt that it is difficult to remember the 6 digit number Since 4 digit pin has been kept in ATM CARD. But in today’s time, 6 digit pin number is still kept for Kotak Mahindra bank’s atm card.
  • The world’s first floating atm was said – the world’s first atm machine was installed in Kerala, India on behalf of the state bank of India.
  • When the first Atm machine was installed in India and which bank – India was the first atm machine installed by HSBC bank in 1987.
  • The world’s first Atm bank had set up – on June 27, 1967, the first atm machine was installed by the Barclays Bank in London.
  • Who was the first to use Atm – The first use of atm was by Reg Varney, a British comedy actor, who used Atm on 02 Sep 1969.

How to use ATM safely?

In today’s time, the use of atm is not much to say every day. But with the use of atm, it is very important to put some ingredients in your mind. While using atm, if you take care of some things, then you will never be careful.

  • If you go to withdraw money from an atm at night, then you should take some other people along.
  • Keep your ATM card out of the purse in advance so that there is no more time to remove the card inside the atm. Also, at the same time during the night, take care that there is no suspicious person around you.
  • If you want to withdraw more money from the atm, then someone should use the atm of the crowded area, which is safe.
  • While using atm, you have to keep in mind that no other unknown person is seeing your pin number inside that atm. While inserting the pin number, you cover the atm keypad by hand and put the pin.
  • After withdrawing money from atm, you can count that money, but keep in mind that no one else is looking at you at that time.
  • After withdrawing money from atm, check the message that comes from the bank in your mobile number and see if the correct transaction report has come.
  • Remember the atm pin number, do not write it on the atm card or anywhere else.

What problem can we face using ATM?

ATM machines were implemented to simplify the withdrawal of money from banks for customers, but these ATM machines also face many problems. Due to these, customers have to face many problems.

Sometimes fake notes come out from the machine, sometimes without the note, the blank receipt of the withdrawn rupees shows out. The possible reason for this is believed to be the use of Chinese computer technology in banks.

Apart from this, incidents of theft of ATM machine itself have been heard due to some recent incidents, due to which the alarm of robbery or robbery is not sounded, or the switch of the machine wire is disconnected, the control room cannot even get the news.

The ATM machine breaks its contact with the switch when it is open for repair. At such a time, the necessary repair of the machine is done in front of the bank officer or ATM vendor.

But even in the case of ATM machines’ chests or chests being opened, these machines remain online giving a false message to the switch. That is, it is possible that the machine thieves are taken and the switch will not even know the news.

Many times fake notes come out of an ATM machine and the bank is not ready to take any responsibility for them.

Many times when an ATM machine shows the money withdrawn from the account, but the cash does not come out of the machine or rarely withdraws.

When customers inquire with the bank for such complaints, the banks hand over the number of their call center. It is difficult at first to get the line of this call center being run on the toll-free number and if found, the customer would not get relief despite half an hour of conversation.

Generally, call centers do not provide customers with the complaint number without asking for it. If the customer is suffering from mental stress by taking the complaint number, it is better to go to the bank and withdraw your money from the check and be free from these problems.

Often it is clearly written on the application of ATM card and Internet banking that the bank will not be accountable for any kind of loss.

Cases of bank employees’ involvement in hacking and password theft have also started to open up. Customers cannot cancel their lost ATM cards by visiting their bank.

The bank claims that you can get the ATM card issued from any branch, but if you lose this card, first file a complaint with the call center of the bank. The bank has to take the complaint number and inform it.

Besides withdrawing cash from a lost ATM card, shopping is also possible, so the customer wants that he should get rid of the lost card immediately.

If the ATM card is used incorrectly, then the customer can get the police or court office closed. If you have used the ATM card of another bank in another bank’s ATM and the amount is not received, then you have to face double mental trouble. Can.

The bank’s accounting system also fails in the event of an ATM machine failure. The amount may or may not be paid according to the ATM code.

There is neither any mechanical nor any software in order to not supply the second currency from the 100, 500, and 2000 compartments available in the machine.

From this point of view, these machines cannot be considered safe for banking. The system of correcting incorrect payment entries is also not effective.

Sometimes the machine keeps on sounding, the money does not run out and the ATM hangs. Sometimes this amount is received by another customer spontaneously because the amount is stuck in the middle and the ATM suddenly starts working.

Sometimes the same amount of the customer also gets the hands of the people of the company who feeds cash, paper, or ribbon in the ATM.

Cashing in ATMs in the name of maintenance of ATM machines, cleaning the ATM premises twice a day, airconditioning, zero downing of ATM machines, security visible and invisible cameras, every operation of ATM Slip-out, door lock so that one customer stays in the ATM at a time, adequate lighting at night, guards for security, etc. are some of the major parts of their annual maturity.

Friends, in this post I have shared with you what is the full form of ATM. And in this post, I have shared the answers to all the questions related to ATMs. Hopefully after reading this post, the answer to whatever was in your mind related to ATM full form, you will find the answer in this post.

However, there is some suggestion in your mind related to this information, so you can share it with us in the comment box below. Thank you.

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