NDA Full Form: What is the full form of NDA

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NDA Full Form: What is the meaning of NDA

Hi Friends, We will discuss the full form of NDA, NDA Full Form, and much more about NDA in this post. Everyone wants to serve the country and then at whatever age it is. Similarly, there is a top rank post of a government officer for the service of the country, which attracts most of the students to itself.

Yes, I am going to talk about NDA Exam. What is NDA Exam and how to prepare for NDA Exam? Even today very few people know about this. So let’s know what is NDA Exam in English.

Let us tell you that in the previous post, we had known what is UPSC, how to prepare for the UPSC exam. In today’s post, we will know what is NDA Exam, Full form of NDA.

What is the Hindi meaning of NDA, Full Meaning in English of NDA Exam, What kind of Qualification, Age Limit, Syllabus is required in this Eligibility Criteria for NDA Exam?

Together we will know when and how NDA was established, How to prepare for the NDA exam, and how to clear its physical test.What is NDA Training, what is NDA Training, what is it like, so let’s go ahead and know in detail?

NDA Full Form – Full Form of NDA Exam

The full form of NDA is National Defense Academy. It is a national examination that is conducted for admission in Army, Navy, and Air Force. This is considered to be the recruitment of Top Post. NDA Exam is conducted twice a year.

What is NDA

NDA Full Form

NDA is a joint academy of the Indian Armed Forces. Where the cadres of the three armies, Army, Navy, Air Force, are fully trained before going to the service of the country.

NDA is considered to be the most talked-about and favorite gateway of youth to reach the officer rank of the Indian Army (Indian Security Team).

NDA exam is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission i.e. UPSC. This exam is conducted offline (written exam) twice a year by UPSC.

Every year more than 3 lakh students appear in this written exam of NDA. After that, the students who pass the exam are called for an interview.

Due to the examination being conducted twice a year, about 10 thousand students are selected for the interview. The interview includes aptitude, psychological tests, team skills, as well as physical and social skills tests.

In each interview 300 to 350 Cadets are selected in which 50 Air Force, 50 Navy, and remaining NDA Cadets are sent for Army Training.

If any cadet is not found physically complete then that NDA cadet is not accepted in NDA training. For NDA Exam, it is considered necessary for any student to pass in good class in all his classes.

When and how NDA was established

NDA was established in India on 7th December 1954. After independence, the report of Commander-in-Chief Field Marshal Claude Auchinleck was implemented. Auchinleck had already submitted a report of the Army’s experiences in World War II in 1941 to the Government of India.

On the basis of this report, in 1947, the exercise to create Defense Academy started. This academy was initially known as Joint Services Wing. Initially, NDA training started in Dehradun.

On 6 October 1949, the then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru laid the foundation of the National Defense Academy. After that, the National Defense Academy was formally announced in 1954.

NDA Motto – Ideal Sentence of NDA

The motto of NDA (National Defense Academy) is Ahimsa Paramo Dharma. This means Non-violence is the ultimate Religion, that is, we should not do violence because doing violence is a sin whereas non-violence is the biggest religion “not to do violence”.

Where is the headquarters of NDA located in India

The headquarters of NDA is in Khadakwasla Pune Maharashtra. Khadakwasla is a lakeside area situated at a distance of 20 km from Pune city. NDA’s campus is spread over 29 km in Pune.

This place was chosen for the NDA campus because the headquarters of the Arabian Sea and other armies are close to this area.

Who is the NDA Commandant Officer at present

Presently the Commandant Officer of the National Defense Academy is Major Journal, Asit Mistry. Lieutenant Indian Army consists of about 2000 Brigadiers, 600 Major Journals, 190 Lieutenant Journals.

In the Navy and Air Forces, the ranks which are equal to the Brigadier are of the rank of Commodore and Air Commodore.

What should be the eligibility for the NDA exam

NDA exam can be given after the 12th class. Let us know further and what is the NDA Exam Eligibility required for you to join NDA–

  • It is very important to have Physics and Mathematics subjects in 12th for NDA Exam for Navy and Air Force.
  • Humanities streams like History, Economics, Political Science, and Languages are also given importance for the NDA exam for Indian Army Officer.
  • Candidates should be unmarried only then they can give NDA exam.
  • The candidate must be physically fit for the NDA exam.
  • The height of the candidate should be at least 157 cm.
  • The candidate’s age should be between 16.5 to 19.5 for the NDA exam.

How and how many years is the study of NDA – Education of NDA Course

NDA study is of three years duration. It’s kind of like graduation. It consists of two courses. Cadets do compulsory courses and foundation courses in their first four semesters.

Elective courses are studied during the fifth and sixth semesters. They can be transferred to another service academy as per the elective course.

How to prepare for the NDA exam

It is very important for you to know how to prepare for the NDA exam. Here you are being given some tips with the help of which you can prepare for the NDA Exam –

  • Before preparing for the NDA exam, it is very important for you to know the NDA syllabus very well.
  • Students who have made their goal that they have to give NDA exam, then pay more attention to the selected subjects from the very beginning.
  • You should prepare that from which subject you have to study, which will be directly useful for you, think about it in the beginning.
  • Read Daily News Papers and make a regular schedule to watch TV Channels related to News.
  • Identify your weakness in the field of study and pay more attention to it.
  • Try to answer any question within the stipulated time.
  • Focus more on General Knowledge and English. Solve Previous Question Papers.

What is NDA Training

Cadets are determined as officers in the Armed Forces after a successful three-year NDA course. The scheduling process is based on the Military Leadership and Training Curriculum.

Rigorous physical training is a must for cadets. Cadets also get to choose from a variety of activities which include paragliding, sailing, sailing, fencing, horse riding, martial arts, skiing, sky diving, rock climbing, and more.

How to Join NDA

  • Pass 12th with Science Subject.
  • To join NDA Join, after passing the 10th class, you have to take science subjects like Physics, Science, and Math.
  • Subjects related to science are very important for joining the Navy and Air Forces.
  • For this 60% marks are required in 12th.
  • If you want to become an army officer then you can pass 12th from another subject also.

Mainly, in brief, How to join NDA is classified into three parts –

Pass the Entrance Exam – NDA Entrance Exam

Entrance Exam is given after passing 12th for NDA. This is considered the first step to join NDA. This exam is conducted by UPSC.

This exam is conducted 2 times a year. For this, you can apply by visiting the official online website of UPSC.

Pass SSB Interview – SSB Interview

After clearing the NDA Entrance Exam, the candidate has to give SSB Interview. In this, three types of tests are taken from the candidate. First Physical Test, Second Group Discussion Test, and Third Personal Interview.


NDA Training – NDA Training

After all the exams are given by the NDA candidate, the candidate is finally sent for NDA Training. The candidate has to clear this NDA Training also! So this is how you can crack NDA Exam! The point to note is that without hard work

You cannot achieve this goal of NDA Exam & NDA Training.
Therefore, candidates should increase their self-motivation from time to time so that Self Motivation remains in them.


What is the NDA Exam today, in this post we will know what is NDA what is NDA in English, Full form of NDA, What is the full form of NDA Full Meaning of NDA Exam?

When and how NDA was established, How to prepare for NDA Exam, Together we know what kind of qualifications are taken care of in NDA Exam.

Whatever suggestion you have related to NDA Exam, you must give it to us by writing in the comment box.

Thanks for reading!

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