LPG Full Form: What is the full form of LPG

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LPG Full Form: How to apply for a new Gas connection

Hello friends, do you know LPG full form and What is LPG? Now it is common for every household to have an LPG connection. In today’s article, what is LPG? How to Apply Online Gas Connection? And going to know in detail about LPG gas.

The current Prime Minister of the country, Narendra Modi has done the work of providing LPG connection to every household under the Ujjwala scheme. And due to this scheme LPG gas cylinders have reached from cities to far villages.

Now it has become common practice to have an LPG connection in almost all the houses in India. LPG is a major source of heat and electrical power ideal for cooking gas in households and industrial uses.

But still, most people do not have enough knowledge about LPG gas, sometimes these gas cylinders become the cause of accidents. That’s why it is very important to have knowledge about LPG gas.

So let us know in detail from this Hindi article that what is LPG? What is LPG and LPG Full Form? How to Apply Online for a new Gas Connection? Also how to know LPG Gas Expiry Date?

LPG Full Form

LPG full form
LPG full form

The full form of LPG is Liquefied Petroleum Gas. It is used for heating anything or as fuel for vehicles. It is used a lot in cooking. LPG gas is colorless, odorless, twice as heavy as air, and half as heavy as water.

What is LPG Gas

LPG gas is a mixture of hydrocarbon gases such as butane, propane, methane and ethane. It consists of methane and ethane gas natural gas. It is a very light gas compared to other gases. The chemical formula of LPG gas is C4H10 + C3H8+C2H6. When these three gases burn together, a large amount of heat is obtained. This heat is converted into liquid form.

Whenever this gas is filled in small and big cylinders, then it is in liquid form only. Whenever LPG comes out from the cylinder, it turns into LPG gas because the pressure drops very less when it comes out.

The calorific value of LPG is 94Mj/M3 in comparison to that of methane gas which has a calorific value of 34Mj/M3. That’s why methane gas is light and very helpful in burning LPG.

What are the main uses of LPG gas?

The main use of LPG gas is for cooking, which is transported from city to rural areas in big and small cylinders.

LPG gas is also used in the industrial sector and activities in space.

This gas is used in glass cutting, to make things made of steel. LPG is used extensively in the steel industry.

What are the benefits of LPG?

  • The main advantage of LPG gas is that this gas burns with a smokeless flame which does not cause air pollution.
  • This gas does not convert into any kind of toxic gas after burning, which does not pose a risk of harm.
  • It is a clean fuel so it is used more in cooking.
  • The use of this gas does not harm the ozone layer.
  • Maintenance of LPG gas is very easy. You can carry it from place to place in liquid form.

Who are the LPG Gas Providers Company in India?

There are mainly three LPG gas provider companies operating in India.

  • Indane Gas Company
  • Bharat Gas Company
  • HP Gas Company

Indane Gas Company

The Indane brand itself is very famous. Indane Gas Company’s first gas connection was issued on 22 October 1965 in Kolkata. Indane Gas Company is a subsidiary of Indian Oil Corporation. It is the second-largest LPG gas provider company in the world.

You can contact your nearest Indane gas agency for connection of this company. You can also apply for a new connection online. Indane started its operations in 1965 with 2 dealers in Kolkata and Patna. At that time consumers were afraid to use LPG gas.

But today Indane has more than 97 million subscribers. Indane distributes over 3 million gas cylinders in a day.

Bharat Gas Company

Bharat Gas is a subsidiary of Bharat Petroleum Company. Bharat Petroleum plays an important role in petroleum and gas products. In the year 2000, Bharat Gas Company started its online gas service.

Bharat Gas Metal Cutting Company is the latest subsidiary of Bharat Petroleum. You can do online booking of Bharat Gas 24*7 anytime.

HP Gas Company

Its full name is Hindustan Petroleum. Hindustan Petroleum was established in 1974. HP Gas Company is headquartered in Mumbai. Mainly Hindustan Petroleum trades in oil and gas.

Hindustan Petroleum at present has two coastal oil refineries where various petroleum products like gas, oil, fuel are refined. You can contact the nearest HP Gas Agency for Hindustan Petroleum Gas Connection.

Apply for LPG Gas Connection at home

So far, what is LPG and who is the main LPG gas provider in India? And go through them in detail. Now know further how you can apply Online Gas Connection sitting at home?

Here we are going to tell you how to get a new Indane gas company connection.

Step1 – Indian Oil Website Login

First, you go to https://cx.indianoil.in/. You log in with your mobile number by going to the Login option on the right.

Now you will be on the home page. Click on New Connection here. Here you click on Apply For New Connection Submit KYC.

Step 2 – Personal Details

Now you have to fill a form, in which you enter your personal details. Here you fill up your name, gender, date of birth, relative details, parent’s name, full address in the columns provided. In the Distributor option, you write the name of your nearest Indene Gas Agency.

Next, enter your mobile number and email id. If you are applying under any scheme in Select Products at the bottom, then write that scheme, otherwise, you can tick it in the General Scheme.

In the Product / Promotion Selected option, how many kg of cylinder do you want, tick it and click on Save & Continue.

Step 3 – KYC Details

Next, you have to provide some KYC details. Here you upload your Address Proof and Identity Proof.

And next click on Save & Continue. You can upload documents by clicking on Add Attachment.

Next, below the Other Details option, is the option of Piped Natural Gas. Tick ​​it if you are a PNG subscriber, otherwise, just leave it. If you do not want subsidy further, then you will tick Yes next to the Cash Transfer Section option, if you want, click on No.

Step 4- Ration Card & Pan Number Details

Next, fill in the ration card details. In the details, you have to enter the number of the state and ration card. Next, enter your PAN number. For this, the option of Pan Number is made.

Now come to the bottom and click on Add Attachment in the Upload Section option. Here you have to upload a photo of yourself.

After this, you click on the Save & Continue option.

Step 5 – Declaration

Next, you have to give a declaration. Read what you want to read. Next click on I Accepts and click on Submit.

On the new page, if you see that this information has been found in the database, then click on the No option given below.

As soon as you click next to the No the Information is not the right option, your mobile number and name will be shown in front of you. Next, you click on the I Accept and click on Confirm option.

Next, you will get the message of KYC is Submitted Successfully on the computer screen.

Step 6 – Application Status

To see the status of the application, you go to the Application Status option. Here you will see that in the KYC Status option you will see a green tick. This means that your application and KYC are done.

Whenever your LPG connection is ready, the tick above the option Raday for LPG Connection on the right will also turn green.

So in this way, if you want to apply for a connection with Bharat Gas or HP Gas Company, then you can apply by visiting the official website of the gas company.

How to Check Gas Cylinder Expiry Date

Do you know that LPG gas cylinders used for cooking in homes also have an expiry date and it is very dangerous to use these LPG gas cylinders after the expiry date.

Often there are reports of LPG gas cylinders bursting and causing damage to life and property. So the biggest reason for this is to use expired LPG gas cylinders. So whenever you take an LPG gas cylinder for your home, first of all, check its expiry date.

Every LPG gas cylinder has its expiry date written in some code like A-21 or B-24. So let’s know how to read this expiry date.

A, B, C, and D mean the months of the year. Three months of the year are placed in each alphabet respectively and the numbers 21 or 24 etc. represent the year. As 21 means 2021 and 24 means 2024.

S.No – Code Months

A – January, February, March

B – April, May, June

C – July, August, September

D – October, November, December

For example, if you have B-24 or B24 written in your LPG gas cylinder, it means that the expiry date of this gas cylinder is April, May, June in 2024, and use it after June of 2024 will be dangerous. It’s a treat.

Keep in mind that if the expiry date of any LPG gas cylinder has passed, then return that cylinder immediately. Some fraudsters hide this code number by adding a new color to the cylinder, so be careful and be safe too.


In today’s post, what is LPG?, and LPG Full Form? How to Apply Online Gas Connection? Also how to know LPG Gas Expiry Date? Apart from this, how many LPG gas providers are there mainly in India?

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Thank you so much for reading!

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