KGF Full Form: What is the meaning of KGF

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What is KGF Full Form and the truth behind it?

In this post, we will discuss the KGF full form, What is the full form of KGF, What is the story behind it, and much more, so read this post till last to get the answer to your KGF related questions.

You people must have heard about KGF and maybe you have also seen the KGF movie, if you have seen the KGF movie well then you must have known a little bit of the story.

And those who do not know, today we will tell what is KGF and where is it located, what is KGF Full Form, why was it named KGF, and also we will tell what is the truth behind KGF.

Many people know KGF only by the name of KGF Movie, many people do not even know that KGF is not only in reel but also in real, so read the article completely because today it has been explained in detail.

What is KGF Full Form


Those who think it is only a film, do not know much about it, so most people do not even know about KGF Full Form, then how would they know about the true story behind it.

KGF Full-Form i.e. its full name is “Kolar Gold Fields” and KGF is a place where gold was mined from 1900 to 2001, this place is located in the Kolar district of Karnataka.

Complete information about KGF

From 1900 to 2001, 800 tonnes of gold has been extracted from KGF located in the Kolar district of Karnataka and after 2001 this mining was stopped, at present there is a population of 170,000 people in that Kolar district.

The British have ruled India for 200 years and whatever they got from here, they used to take them one by one to their country and the same thing happened with KGF i.e. Kolar Gold Fields.

But now the question comes that how the British came to know that there was gold in KGF, in fact, in 1864, Mishal Aflvela came to know that there is a lot of gold in Kolar and after that he gave this information to his senior officers and he went for gold mining. Set up a company.

That company also started its mining work and after that, it took over the mining work from Donnell Robinson and installed big machines to increase the production of gold mining and speed up the mining of gold.

But the gold that was there was not in any shape or any solid-state, but the gold that was there was in the form of powder which was mixed with soil, so it took a lot of effort to extract it, for which big machines were used.

Now here a problem was being faced due to big machines for gold mining, that was electricity because electricity is needed to run such big machines and there was no electricity in India at that time!

That is why the British had set up a hydroelectric plant to overcome the shortage of electricity, which was done to generate electric city from the Shivana sea, due to which India became the first country inside Asia to have used a hydroelectric plant and from this Electricity was generated.

Simultaneously, when electricity started being generated, due to this, India became the second country to generate an electric city after Japan and in today’s time, we know this hydroelectric plant as Kaveri Electric Power Plant.

KGF- Dam built for gold mining

As we have told you that whatever gold came out from this mine came out in the form of powder, it was also mixed with the soil, so a lot of water was needed to separate the gold from the soil, because the machines also It was very big, so the need for water increased even more.

To get rid of this, he built a dam in the Palar River and from there the water shortage started to be met. A special feature of these machines was that they automatically separated the gold from the soil so that the work was done very quickly. And the laborers did not even have to pay money.

It is not that earlier gold was not mined in India, even before that gold was mined in India but it was not done on such a large scale as it was happening at that time. whose names are as follows-

  • 1. Gangas
  • 2. The Hoysalas
  • 3. Cholas
  • 4. Nizam Of Hyderabad
  • 5. British India 
  • 6. Hyder Ali

KGF pledged

After independence from British rule, when Jawaharlal Nehru became the first Prime Minister of India, he mortgaged KGF to take a loan from the World Bank, which is one of the deepest mines in the world, and KGF’s mine Kolar Gold Fields is the world’s deepest mining. is

The depth of KGF is up to 2.5km–3km and let us tell you that this place has been excavated so much that if there is a mountain here if you look inside or from above, you will feel that it is a mountain. It is whose design i.e. shape is made on its own, but it is not like that it has been dug out and made like this.

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This place was dug and dug so deep that if a laborer went inside it, he did not get oxygen there, due to which he would have died and with time, the process of death in this mine increased. Due to which India had completely closed this mine in 2001.

Although Kolar Gold Fields was a gold mine and the resident here should have been very rich but it did not happen because the British government looted all the treasure from here and when they saw that there is nothing here to loot, they ran away from here.

Now it is being heard that the Government of India has decided to start mining work on this KGF mine, if this happens then the people of Kolar will get good employment.

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Information about KGF Movie

A movie has also been made on KGF, which is made in the Kannada language, which has been dubbed in Hindi, although there is not much difference between KGF’s real and reel life and most of the truth is shown in the movie.

But in a movie, like a hero has handled everything, nothing like this happened in real life and a movie is a movie, it is shown only a little exaggerated and different types of video effects are used.

The name of the hero of the KGF Movie is Yash and its director is Prashanth Neel, the producer of this movie is Vijay Kirgandur, the first chapter of this movie was released in 2018 and along with this the second chapter of KGF was to be released on 23 October 2020. More new artists will be seen in the chapter.

Talking about the cast of the second chapter of the KGF Movie, you will get to see big actors like Yash, Sanjay Dutt, Srinidhi Shetty, Raveena Tandon, and it is expected that like the first chapter, the second one is going to be amazing.

kgf full form


So, friends, KGF is not only a film, but there is also a story behind it, on which this film has been made and has been liked a lot by the people, so people are waiting for the second chapter.

So we hope that you must have liked this article and now you must have come to know not only about KGF Full-Form but also the story behind it, so do share this article with the people who watch the movie.

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