DSP Full Form: What is the full form of DSP

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DSP Full Form: How to become a DSP

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Today in this article we are going to give all kinds of information related to DSP, just read our article completely.

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DSP Full Form

DSP Full Form
DSP Full Form

The full form of DSP is “Deputy Superintendent of Police”.

D – Deputy
S – Superintendent of
P – Police

Deputy Superintendent of Police or DSP is a very big post, which is mainly related to the police service.

DSP – Deputy Superintendent of Police

Meaning of DSP

A DSP officer performs all the tasks as per the orders of the SP, in the absence of the SP, the DSP has to do all the work of the SP. DSP is a state-level post, people who get this post are called state-level officers.

There are three stars (3 stars) on the shoulder of the DSP officer, although there are 3 stars on the shoulder of the police inspector, the only difference between these two is that the red-black color is below the 3 stars on the inspector’s shoulder. Key stripes are also visible while the DSP has only 3 stars on its shoulder.

What is DSP

The Deputy Superintendent of Police or DSP is the rank of officer in the police department. The DSP exam is conducted by the state ‘Public Service Commission’.

The DSP officer represents the state police i.e. DSP directs the state police. A DSP officer can inspect anywhere and anytime, that is, the DSP gets the right to conduct surprise inspections.

How to Become DSP Officer

There are 2 ways to become a DSP officer, first through promotion and second, through examination, you can become a DSP officer.

If you are already working in the police department and you are a police inspector then by promotion you can become a DSP officer and in addition, you can sit in the DSP exam conducted by the ‘Public Service Commission’ and clear that exam. Bypassing you can become a DSP officer.

Eligibility for DSP

Some qualifications are also sought from the candidate to become a DSP, the qualifications that are sought from the candidate to become a DSP are as follows-

Educational Qualification

To become a DSP, you must have at least a graduation certificate, that is, the graduation of the candidates to become a DSP should be complete. Apart from this, if you are studying in the final year of graduation, you can still apply for it.

Age Limit

The age of the candidates for the post of DSP should be between 21 years to 30 years. Apart from this, a relaxation of 3 years is given to the candidates of the OBC category and 5 years to the candidates of the SC / ST category.

Physical Requirements

Physical requirements have also been set for the candidates of DSP post, let us know what are the requirements-

1. Height

For the post of DSP, the minimum height of male candidates is 168 cm and the minimum height of female candidates is 155 cm.

Male Height – 168 cm

Female Height – 155 cm

2. Weight

The weight of the candidate is decided according to their height.

3. Chest

84 cm (Chest Expansion 5 cm)


Exam Process to become DSP

The examination of DSP is organized by the ‘State Public Service Commission’, its examination is divided into the following three parts, which are as follows-

  • Preliminary Exam
  • Main Exam
  • Interview

1. Preliminary Exam

To become a DSP, the candidate first has to clear the preliminary examination, the preliminary examination is the first stage to become a DSP. A preliminary exam is conducted for 300 marks which consist of 150 questions.

Friends, we definitely want to tell you one thing that whenever you go to give the preliminary exam of DSP, go with very good preparation.

2. Main Exam

If you clear the preliminary exam then after that you are provided an opportunity to appear in the main exam i.e. in the second stage of the DSP exam you are taken the main exam which you have to pass.

3. Interview

When you clear the Preliminary Examination and Main Examination, you are called for an interview in which you are asked some oral questions. Selected for the post of DSP.

How to prepare for the DSP exam

Friends, if you want to become a DSP, then for that you have to prepare for its exam in advance, let’s know how we can prepare for the DSP exam-

  • One should prepare on the basis of the DSP Exam Syllabus.
  • DSP previous year question paper should be solved, by solving the previous year’s question paper we get to know what kind of questions come in it.
  • Most of the questions in this exam come from General Knowledge so strengthen your General Knowledge.
  • Read the newspaper daily.
  • Read more about those subjects in which you are weak.
  • Join a good coaching institute.
  • Get new information by searching the internet and also get information about DSP.
  • Study with confidence and think that I can do it.
  • If any of your friends or relatives are preparing for this, then take his help.
  • You build relationships with people who want to enter this field.
  • Get to know about its physical test and start preparing for the test 6 months in advance.
  • To maintain your physical fitness, do yoga, run, etc.
  • Friends, the DSP exam is a big exam, that’s why if you fail at once, then do not lose courage, but try to succeed in it next time by working hard and working hard.

Salary of DSP

A DSP officer is provided with a very high salary and allowances, a DSP officer gets a salary of Rs 9300-34800 per month and in addition 5400-grade pay.

If we talk about the salary of a DSP officer, then their average salary per year can be up to Rs 1,198,300. Looking at their salary, we can say that a DSP officer is given a respectable salary.

Apart from the salary, many other types of facilities are provided by the government to a DSP officer, let’s get information about it.

Facilities provided to DSP

Friends, as I told you above that apart from the salary to a DSP officer, many other facilities are provided by the government. The facilities provided by the government to the DSP officer are as follows-

  • The DSP officer is given an authorized vehicle and a driver along with him to travel on behalf of the government.
  • A DSP officer is given residential accommodation without rent by the government.
  • The DSP officers are also given security guards by the government for security and they are also given domestic servants for household work.
  • Free electricity facility is provided to the DSP officer.
  • A pension facility is also provided to the DSP officer.
  • A telephone connection facility is provided to a DSP officer whose bill is paid by the government.
  • Along with a good salary to a DSP officer, many other types of facilities are provided by the government and along with this, they are also given a lot of respect in society.


Today in this article we got information related to DSP, in this article we have given DSP Full Form, Full Form of DSP, What is DSP, How to become DSP, Qualification to become DSP, Salary of DSP and Apart from this, received many other types of information related to DSP.

Friends, if you have read our article completely, then by now you must have received many types of information related to DSP.

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